May 2021: Empathy

Racial Justice Committees

We are currently in the Empathize Phase of our Liberatory Design process. To help us prioritize which Demands we want to run through the liberatory design process this summer, we are working through the data from our survey to our “closest community members” (staff, residents, community curators, Youth, Industries, Board members) and planning for Empathy Interviews. The Empathy Interviews will center BIPOC and will include:

  • current participants
  • past participants (including both people who’ve moved on and people who may have made an active choice to disengage from AS220)
  • people who have never engaged but we’ve always wondered why
  • people who responded to the recent survey or the one last summer with responses that stand out for further conversation
  • staff who helped create the BIPOC Demands who are no longer on staff

We expect to begin interviews by the beginning of June.

We also introduced our RJI Committee Facilitators (the Moons!) in a newsletter last week, which received some cool responses (including a donation to support the RJI!).

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