AS220 began a Racial Justice Initiative in 2019. Our goal is to co-create an anti-racist and liberatory culture at AS220. This work is foundational to our vision of a just and equitable world where all people can realize their full creative potential.

In June of 2020, the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPoC) staff of AS220 put forth demands necessary for AS220 to become an anti-racist organization. You can read the list of BIPOC Demands here (web-accessible version here), and you can read AS220’s response to those demands here.

We would like to invite members of the community to engage in this process with our staff and board members.The goals to be achieved by the Racial Justice Initiative will be handled by three working groups: Community, Education and Policy – which will collaboratively work to address the demands presented by AS220 BIPoC staff.  

If you would like to participate in the Racial Justice Initiative, you can sign up for a working group by clicking here!

If you would like to support AS220’s Racial Justice Iniative with a donation, click here!


We will co-create mechanisms that leverage community voice, wisdom and power, centering frontline communities of color in Providence.

We will invest in training, education and learning opportunities for staff, board and community so we can all contribute to this racial justice initiative.

We will develop organizational tools, policies and procedures through an equity lens that will ensure racial justice at the staff, board and community levels.